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Your home is your sanctuary so why not
decorate it like it deserves?
With these small decorating ideas you can 
make your home look much better without breaking the bank!

Re-vamp your space

  1. Make a garden out of an unexpected item like an old crate box!
  2. Use different sized plants to make your space look livelier!
  3. Stain or paint cheap furniture from a thrift shop to make it yours.
  4. Framing isn’t the only way to display art! Get mat from the frame or art story and pin it as a background.
  5. Spruce up your shelves with some patterned shelf paper!
  6. Add your own personal touch with DYI coasters!
  7. Have a small dining area? Make it feel more open with a rug or some art.
  8. Rearranging your books can work wonders!
  9. You don’t need to hang your art on the wall. Place it on a shelf for all to see!
  10. Create privacy even when you have see-through doors by frosting the glass yourself!
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