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Deep cleaning your house should happen more than once a year and what better time to do it with fall rapidly approaching us.
You may not know how much dirt
can pile up in the summer, but with these simple cleaning
tricks, your house will look like you just moved in.

Fall Clean Up

  1. Dust before vacuuming.
  2. Clean your window tracks by dipping a Q-tip in white vinegar and run it along the track. This will make them their whitest white without replacing them.
  3. Clean your mattress the natural, chemical free way. All you need is essential lavender oil or fabric softener, baking soda and a kitchen strainer. Sprinkle it on your mattress and leave it for an hour then vacuum the bed.
  4. To clean your baseboards, take a sheet of fabric softener and rub them with it. They will pick up dust and grim that has built up since the last time you cleaned.
  5. If you appliances get sticky and gunky, use a few drops of water, cream of tartar and a sponge to get your stainless steel appliances looking brand new again. To clean the inside of a toaster, watch this video.
  6. Put water on a stubborn stain on your carpet then put a washcloth or towel over it and iron it to get it out.
  7. Dust builds up on light bulbs. An easy way to get it off is by wiping it with a microfiber cloth.
  8. To clean the rings around the toilet, snip off a slice of Magic Eraser and drop it in the toilet. Let it float overnight and it will remove the ring.
  9. Have an old painting that is a bit dirty? Cut a bagel in half and gently rub the soft side all over the painting. Make sure you don’t push hard. The bread will pick up all the grime and grossness like a sponge. Once it’s done, take a soft paintbrush and lightly wipe off any crumbs from the painting.
  10. Once your house is clean and your sponges are filthy, kill the germs by microwaving it on high for 2 minutes and let cool. This only works non-metal sponges, please refrain from putting metal in the microwave. 

Following these fall cleaning tips will ensure that your house will shine until your next spring-cleaning.

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