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When was the last time you had regular maintenance done on your air conditioning unit? Sometimes people assume that if an air conditioning unit seems to be working, there is no good reason to call a professional building maintenance service for a tune-up, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The best time to be thinking about your air conditioner is actually before something goes wrong, and spring is the perfect time to have someone come and check it out.


A functioning AC unit is a hard-working machine, with dozens of moving parts that have to be working in sync to keep your building cool all summer long. If you’re not checking those little parts and systems on a regular basis, there could be small things going wrong that, in the short-term might not be noticeable, but in the long-term could cause significant damage to your unit if they are not corrected.


As your air conditioning unit works to keep air inside your building cool and comfortable, it takes fluids and lubricants to prevent the parts inside from wearing out too soon. Just like in your vehicle those fluids break down and must be replaced. Failing to replace and replenish those fluids will lead to excessive wear and tear on the pieces inside, which means more friction and damage.


As the AC unit in your building pulls in air from the outdoors and cycles it through to create cooler air inside, it also pulls in plenty of dust and dirt. Over time these things collect and must be cleaned by a professional air conditioning repair company.


Perhaps one of the best reasons to have your air conditioning unit tuned up in the spring is your bottom line—regular maintenance and tune-ups can save you money. In a survey of building owners, more than half were dissatisfied with the performance of their AC units, and it’s not surprising because about the same number said they don’t have regular maintenance on the unit (they wait until something goes wrong). Getting your AC cleaned and tuned up can help it work more efficiently, which means you can cool the air inside your building better and spend less to do it.

You might also save money by prolonging the need for full AC replacement because you can spot small issues early and get them fixed before they cause more extensive damage. And getting it done in the spring means you can beat the rush of the hot summer months, and maybe even get a great deal in the process.

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