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Hearing a constant drip from your faucet is something that many people consider a minor annoyance. Besides making you lose sleep, your dripping faucet may actually be something a little more serious. Ignoring this problem could lead to issues with your plumbing as well as a large amount of wasted water. Here are some common reasons why your faucet may be dripping.

Broken Pipes

In some cases, your faucet may be dripping due to a leak in your pipe system. When there is a break in the pipe network, your faucet may work to stabilize the water pressure with a constant drip. A professional plumber can investigate and help get this fixed to eliminate the dripping noise.

Corroded Parts

Another reason why your faucet may be dripping has to do with corrosion. With constant exposure to water, your faucet’s parts may be due for a replacement. Over time, your valve seat can get corroded. Your plumber can easily correct this common issue.

Improper Setup

Sometimes, a leaky faucet is due to an improper installation. A home handyman may have gotten in over his head and performed the setup incorrectly. If you are the one who installed your faucet, don’t be embarrassed about asking for help. Consult a professional to get this fixed the right way.

Loose Accessories

One of the more common and mild reasons for a leaky faucet is that a part is simply loose. Your O ring or washer may just need a little adjustment in order to stop the water dripping all day long. Your plumber can simply tighten up any accessories to help stop the water from leaking through.

If you’re being kept awake at night from the periodic drip of the bathroom faucet, you can get instant relief from Connect Building Services. A leaky faucet is most often a quick and inexpensive fix that can be corrected easily. Find out how to stop your leaky faucet today.

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