How Often Should You Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Service?
October 9, 2018
Commercial Air Conditioning Installation
October 15, 2018
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Properly maintaining your commercial air conditioning system should be a top priority for any business. The air conditioner performs an essential function in keeping your workplace comfortable and keeping your employees productive. If you haven’t been keeping up with your HVAC system, now is the time to contact a commercial HVAC company to help.

What You Need to Know About AC Repair

When you notice that your office is starting to heat up, it is best to call an HVAC company in Salt Lake City before it’s too late. If you suspect that your system has problems, you need to call in an expert to diagnose the problem. The longer you wait to make the call; the more damage your system could be taking. As you probably know, the components of a commercial scale air conditioner can be quite costly to repair and replace. Also, these repairs can take time, meaning that you could be left with an overheating space if you don’t call as soon as you notice an issue.

The best way to avoid unexpected repairs is to have your system inspected and maintained regularly. Changing filters, lubricating parts and looking for signs of damage will allow you to extend the life of your system for many years to come. The cost of proper maintenance offers solid returns on investment by preventing you from having to make costly repairs or replace the unit altogether.

How Connect Heating and Air Can Help

Connect Heating and Air has been servicing commercial HVAC systems throughout the Salt Lake City area for many years. Our team of experts are knowledgeable and experienced in all kinds of HVAC repairs. We can help you set up a service plan that will protect your equipment and reduce wear and tear. We will make sure that filters get changed on time, every time, and we can alert you of any signs of damage that could spell disaster in the future.

If you have not had your commercial HVAC system inspected yet this year, now is the time to call Connect Heating and Air. We can schedule a consultation for your system today and get you signed up for ongoing maintenance to protect your system in the future. We can also diagnose any current issues and create a repair plan to ensure that your system is up and running at peak efficiency before the hottest part of the summer arrives. Make sure you call today while there is still plenty of time to have repairs made.