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Your home is an expression of yourself. When visitors come into your home, they see your personality shining on each wall, table or bookshelf and in every picture or object you have strategically placed. But, maybe your home is lacking a little style because you’re not really one for decorating. Maybe you want more with little or no effort at all. Well now you can trick all your guests with these 8 tips that will make you look like you have it all.

Decorating Tips to Trick Your Guests

Get a plant

Aloe Vera
You may think that getting a plant will be a pain because of all the watering and sunlight they usually need, however, there are plants that don’t need too much attention. You can get an Aloe Vera plant, a cactus, or even a jade plant, all of which will live with limited amounts of water at a time.

Fill your kitchen

jars in kitchen
Buy jars that you can stick flour, sugar, grains, rice or pasta in and stick them on your kitchen shelves. Not only will it give your kitchen some style, but it will also be convenient for finding your ingredients.

Add a bar cart

bar cart
This is a great way to add an elegant look to your dining room or living room while also keeping your drinks organized. You can also place extra décor on it to make it stand out even more.

Bowl of citrus

lemon bowl
A bowl of lemons and limes is a great way to add some color to your dining room table or even your bar cart. This item is very little effort and it will come in handy when you’re in the mood to mix a drink.

Jar of herbs

herb jar
Buy some basil or parsley and put them in jars of water for that “I grew this myself” vibe. Keep it on your bar cart if you want more color and sprinkle if on your food when you want to look fancy.


Place candles on your windowsills, coffee table, or night stand to make your house more homely. It can also set the mood for different lighting when you just need some alone time. Just light up your candles, close the blinds and relax.

Throw pillows

throw pillows
You can get throw pillows for cheap online or at most any store. If you don’t want to break the bank and overly decorate, you can get two with fun designs and stick them on your main couch. They don’t have match, they just have to be yours.

Framed posters

framed posters
If you are someone that still has movie posters all over your house, buy nice black frames or shadow boxes for them. Keeping them in a secure location will make the posters last longer and it will give them an artsy look!



These simple tips will help you save money when decorating your home and they will give you more style than you ever thought possible. Once you’ve finished creating the perfect home, start inviting guests over and show off your personality.


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