How to Maximize the Energy Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

4 Ways To Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer
4 Ways To Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer
May 3, 2019
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How to Maximize the Energy Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

If you have found that your AC unit doesn’t cool the house down like it used to, or you have recently noticed an increase in your monthly energy bill, it may be because of inefficient energy usage. From a simple cleaning job to professional air conditioning repair services, there are plenty of possible ways to remedy the situation. Read on to see some ideas to help your air conditioner use energy more efficiently.

Clean the Condenser Unit and Vents

Your outdoor condenser unit can get clogged by debris from plants, animals and that pesky lint from the dryer vent. Clear off the unit regularly to avoid this, and keep it in top operating condition. To minimize the chance of fallen leaves and twigs from affecting its performance, be sure to keep foliage around it trimmed to allow for several feet of clearance.

Indoor ducts can also harbor dust and debris, so be sure to vacuum and dust them regularly. Household objects can also easily block vents, so check to make sure the vents are clear. This helps the unit to maximize energy efficiency and create a smooth flow of air. Plus, this reduces allergens in your house.

Check the Ventilation Fins

The fins on the coils in your condenser often get bent, and this can reduce the functioning of your AC system. The fins can be bent while the condenser unit is being cleaned from twigs and other debris. These fins are vital to the condenser coil’s function as they release heat from the refrigerant vapor into the outdoors. If you suspect the fins on your unit are bent, call an AC repair company to have them checked and straightened out.

Get an AC Tune-Up

Repair companies can provide an in-depth analysis of your AC’s current function. This is an excellent option if you’re not ready to replace your system yet, but want to improve how it functions. A tune-up will help extend the life of your air conditioner by catching potential issues or small details before they affect the system’s performance. A tune-up includes checks for the venting, ducts, and electrical connections. It also includes a cleaning to improve performance and keep your air clean. Regular maintenance will keep your air conditioning as efficient as possible. It is recommended once per year at the very minimum.

Insulate Your Walls

Insulation helps keep the temperature inside your house stable. It keeps heat in during winter and cool air in during the summer. Insulation also limits how much the temperature outside affects the temperature inside your house, maximizing the energy used for running your air conditioner by keeping hot or cool air inside your house.

Check the Installation

If your AC unit was not installed properly, even the most energy-efficient model will not be able to cool your house effectively. Issues such as an incorrectly sized duct can reduce the system’s performance. Poorly sealed ducts, units installed where they will be hit by direct sunlight, or even a thermostat installed near a source of heat can all disrupt normal air conditioning functions.

Install an Energy-Efficient AC Unit

If your air conditioning is persistently racking up your electric bills, you may want to install a new, energy-efficient unit. This is also a great option for updating your home if you have an AC system that is over ten years old. With this option, you can save monthly. HVAC repair companies typically offer installation services as well. A high-quality professional installation will assess your home for the best installation location and conduct a careful installation to reduce the future potential for problems with ductwork and electrical work.

If your AC unit is not operating efficiently, get it checked by an AC repair company so you can address the problem and save money on your electric bill. Contact Connect Heating and Air for tune-ups or replacements from our expert repair team today!