How to Stay Cool During the Summer

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October 15, 2014
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October 15, 2014
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Staying cool during the hot summer months is not only important to comfort, but is very important to maintaining good health. As with trying to bring down the high temperature when sick, it is equally important, during those hot summer days, to keep your body temperature down. Here is a list of suggestions for staying cool this summer:

  1. Stay out of direct sunlight – Staying in the shade will keep you 10 to 15 degrees cooler than in direct sunlight.
  2. Restrict your activities – Avoid heavy work, recreational activities out in the sun. Over-exerting yourself during warm temperatures can increase your body temperature and lead to dehydration.
  3. Drink lots of cold water – Staying hydrated, especially with an ice cold drink of water, will keep your body temperature down.
  4. Wearing light clothing – If you have ever been to a tropical place, you probably have noticed the light clothing that the natives wear. They have learned light, loosely fitting clothing, helps to stay cool and allow for air circulation around the body.
  5. Eat less more often – After eating a BIG meal, the body kicks into gear in burning up the food you have just eaten. You are better off eating less, but more often, allowing the body to process your food at a slower pace, thus not creating as much body heat.
  6. Keep a cool head – Keeping your head cool, will, in turn, cool down the rest of your body. Wearing a hat, and wetting it occasionally, will cool down the rest of your body.
  7. Staying in an air-conditioned building – And of course, take full advantage of an air-conditioned building. Staying indoors, at air-conditioned temperatures, will keep you comfortable and cool.

Make sure you maintain your home cooling system by following simple maintenance procedures and call Connect Heating and Air to keep your air conditioning systems running efficiently.