Top 9 Plumbing Mistakes Residents of Sandy Make

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Taking risks with your home’s plumbing can lead to serious headaches later on. Some of the biggest plumbing mistakes can cost thousands of dollars to repair in the future. Here are some plumbing mistakes to avoid if you want to protect your home and save yourself some money hiring a plumber in Sandy, Utah.

1 – Adding Too Many Fixtures

Each plumbing fixture in your home draws a certain amount of water pressure from the system. If you decide to add a bathroom or update your kitchen, you could end up with too many fixtures trying to draw off your water supply at one time leaving you without enough pressure to operate.

2 – Crowded Plumbing

If you ever hope to make repairs to your plumbing in the future, you must be sure that a plumber can actually access the pipes without tearing out those brand new cabinets you installed. Pay close attention to where shutoff valves and drain cleanout access holes are so that you don’t block them.

3 – Dumping Waste

Your regular sink drains and your toilets are not made to handle all kinds of random food and debris. Even a garbage disposal is not strong enough to take on some of the items that people pour down the drain. Don’t dump hot grease down there either.

4 – Poor Venting

Venting allows water to flow freely without creating suction in your system. If you don’t have enough vents, or if they are blocked, you could start seeing backups in your system.

5 – Slope Issues

In order for water and waste to flow out of the house, all of your plumbing must be sloped downward. However, the amount of slope is extremely important and can be hard to do on your own.

6 – Mismatched Pipes

Older houses often require conversions to work with new plumbing materials. There are many ways of doing this, but you must be sure that the conversions you use are compatible and won’t cause rust.

7 – Ignoring or Worsening Leaks

Ignoring that dripping sink will only make it worse and worse with time. Likewise, wrenching on it by hand, trying to force the handle to close more tightly, probably won’t fix your problem. Make sure to address the real leak the first time.

8 – Missing Pieces

If you ever take a plumbing fixture apart, be extra careful to put all of the o-rings and seals back exactly the way they came out.

9 – Damaged Toilets

Toilets can be quite delicate, and toys or dropped cell phones can really mess them up. Once a toy makes its way into the toilet you’re in a world of hurt.

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