What are the different types of HVAC Systems?

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September 24, 2018
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If you’ve ever gone shopping for a new heating and cooling system, you probably discovered that there are hundreds of styles and types of HVAC systems on the market. Unless you are an expert in this field, the decision can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, HVAC systems fall into several simple categories to help you search.

Split Systems vs. Integrated Systems

The first thing you will see is a range of products that either state if they are split systems or integrated systems. You may also see “packaged” systems used. A split system is one that uses both internal and external components on your home. This is the most common type of system we see today. However, in smaller spaces, a packaged unit may combine all of the components into a single unit that fits neatly inside the home.

Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system is an advanced version of the split system. It includes additional components that allow the heat pump to work with electricity instead of gas alone. This improves the efficiency of both parts and comes in handy during the colder months.

Single or Multi-Stage?

Another factor you will need to consider is whether you want a single or multi-stage unit. A single stage HVAC system is meant to turn on or off but always works at the same speed. On the other hand, a multi-stage unit is built for energy efficiency, allowing the enable to run at less than full capacity when the weather permits.

Ductless Systems

There is now a wide range of ductless HVAC systems on the market. These are meant for spaces that do not have the benefit of a centralized duct system already installed. Also, they can be used to enhance heating or cooling of a particular area of the house in addition to a ducted system.

Zoned Systems

Zoned HVAC systems are particularly important for commercial HVAC companies, but they also have residential applications. These systems allow you to block or allow airflow to some areas of the building to save you money.
Now that you understand the various types of HVAC systems, it is time to call your local HVAC company in Salt Lake City. Connect Heating and Air offers HVAC installation in the SLC area for residential and commercial customers. We can help you find the right type of HVAC system for your home or business, and identify any factors that could improve the efficiency of your newly installed system.