How to Know When to Replace Your Home’s Air Conditioning Unit

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February 14, 2018
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Replacing an air conditioning unit can be a costly and complicated hassle, especially when the weather heats up. Many property owners put it off until it becomes necessary. However, to get ahead of the problem, there are a few simple ways to know when the time has come to call an air conditioning expert in the SLC area.

Age Limits

If you are faced with the decision of whether to repair or replace your AC unit, the first thing you should ask yourself is how old the existing unit is. As these units age, some technologies become outdated, while newer technologies are introduced. Once your air conditioner has reached a certain age, replacement parts for your unit may be impossible to find, or the price will be exorbitant. The rule of thumb is that at after 15 years of use, replacing your unit will become the better option.

Refrigerant Type

The next thing you’ll want to find out is what type of refrigerant your unit uses. Up until a few years ago, R-22 was the refrigerant of choice, but it is no longer in production. The price of this refrigerant has skyrocketed as supply drops, so simply recharging your AC unit as part of your annual maintenance could cost hundreds of dollars more than it used to. While some companies offer a substitute for R-22 that can be used in older units, most recommend purchasing a new air conditioner.

Operating Costs

As you examine your power bills every summer, you may notice that the cost of operating your existing unit is getting higher and higher. Not only have energy prices increased with time, but your AC is also becoming less efficient as it ages. Hotter summers mean that your unit is working harder than ever before. A new Energy Star rated unit could be the answer to all your problems. This is also true if you are considering adding solar or some other supplementary power system to your home.

These are the three most important factors that help homeowners decide when to replace an air conditioner in Sandy, UT. A new AC can give you years of worry-free cooling with fewer repair costs and lower energy bills. If your existing unit is getting up there in years, it’s time to call Connect Heating and Air to speak to one of our HVAC experts about replacing your air conditioner.

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