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This holiday season, while you’re giving thanks for your many blessings, be thankful for your HVAC system! Now, we do realize that there are many other things that you are far more thankful for such as health and family, but if you’ve ever had a problem with your system running during the midst of a heat wave or cold snap, then you may be more inclined to realize how much you appreciate, and are thankful for, your heating and cooling system.

HVAC systems, including central air conditioning, furnaces and heat pumps, are one of the unsung heroes that keep us comfortable in our homes. We’ve all grown accustomed to the expectation that our home will always remain at a relatively constant and comfortable temperature. We also tend to take for granted the fact that humidity levels in our home remain dry and comfortable, even when the weather outside is sultry and sweltering.

While it seems a little silly to think that we would outwardly acknowledge that we are indeed thankful for the comfort we enjoy each day in our homes due to the efficient operation of our HVAC system.

It’s only in relatively modern times that homeowners have the means to constantly be comfortable with the help of centralized heating and cooling in the home. In the earlier part of last century and before, people had to find much more creative ways to stay warm and cool in their own homes. Construction of homes was different back then, requiring that certain materials be used to keep outside air from coming in, such as stone and brick. Windows had to be positioned in a way to ensure that cooling breezes could flow through the home, and often trees had to be planted in specific locations to shield the home from the sun.

As with many aspects of life back in the day, we had to rely on nature more than modern technology to keep ourselves comfortable. Temperatures and relative humidity outside greatly impacted our everyday comfort levels and people just learned to make the best of it by crowding around a fire with there were low temperatures. Sure times may have seemed simpler then, and the active steps we needed to take to remain comfortable may have encouraged people to spend more time together or work collectively compared to the way things are today, but the fact is that we weren’t as comfortable.

Although times may have seemed simpler, we rely on the modern comforts and conveniences that we enjoy today. So maybe our HVAC systems are due a bit of Thanksgiving recognition this year, since they are the unsung heroes of our everyday comfort and add to the enjoyment of the times we share with family and friends in our homes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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