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A properly working air conditioner is a beautiful thing.
It brings joy to your life as it cools your family down on the hottest
of days. How can you avoid unexpected
breakdowns that make you sweat through the summer heat?
Regular AC service is the key.


We recommend air conditioner preventive maintenance at least once a year. An annual checkup is good for both your AC and your wallet. Just like a regular dental examination, air conditioner service calls give us a chance to see how your main AC unit is performing, inspect refrigerant lines and essential components, and give everything a deep cleaning to keep it functioning at optimum levels.

Are there any exceptions to this once-a-year rule? Actually, yes. Sometimes taking good care of an HVAC system means maintenance and cleaning every six months or so. Here’s why our technicians may recommend a six-month visit:


  1. Intense Climate

    The customary annual checkup that most HVAC manufacturers suggest is based on a mild climate. The idea is that your AC should only have to work hard during summer, handling spring and fall with minimum effort, and taking a well-deserved vacation over the winter.

    What about Utah? Our climate varies depending on the area and time of year. Summer temps can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more. If you notice that your AC has worked especially hard because of a long and strong summer, it is probably a good idea to have it maintained twice that year.

  2. Aging System

    When it comes to performance, air conditioners are a lot like automobiles. When you have just had a new model installed, parts work smoothly and are less likely to have problems. However, as mechanical components age — especially past the ten-year mark — wear and tear are inevitable. Opting for more frequent checkups, in this case, can prevent breakdowns.

  3. Recent Repairs

    If your HVAC system has already had parts replaced, maintenance schedules should be increased a bit. This way our technicians can keep a close eye on those specific air conditioner parts and catch minor issues before they become a problem.


First of all, know that at Connect Heating and Air, we are always on call to take care of any needs, whether they are an emergency or regular maintenance. If you’re a homeowner who enjoys do-it-yourself projects, you can save money by taking care of a few maintenance tasks yourself:

  • Filter cleaning: Changing AC air filters every two weeks or so is a great idea. At the very least, filters should be swapped once a month. Most filters are easy to reach, so the task shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
  • Outdoor debris removal: Getting rid of branches, dead leaves, dirt and debris on the outside of the air conditioning system helps it to run more smoothly. Fall and spring cleanings work wonders.

When is it important to contact us right away? If you notice that your AC isn’t working correctly, or makes strange sounds, give our Connect Heating and Air professionals a call immediately. Acting quickly means we can take care of AC repair while problems are still small, protecting vital components such as the compressor.

If it’s time for your AC’s annual or six-month checkup, schedule an appointment with our helpful technicians today! Let us give your HVAC system the TLC it needs.

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