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Choosing the right AC unit for your
home is of utmost importance.
An air conditioner that is too small will not keep your house properly cool, and a poor quality unit will cost you in repairs down the road. You need to choose a reliable unit from a brand you can trust that is designed for the specific needs of your house.
Here’s what you should be looking for:


Air conditioning units are rated according to the size of your home as well as the type of insulation you have in place. These are important factors because a larger unit does not necessarily mean that it will keep your house cooler. In reality, air conditioners are designed to run through a cycle that involves not just cooling your home but also managing the humidity. If you install the wrong size AC unit, you may end up with a surge in moisture inside, despite the fact that the temperature is falling faster. Better insulation and quality windows mean that you can get a smaller unit to do the job just fine.


Today, the best selling AC units on the market are Energy Star rated. This rating guarantees that they meet minimum standards for energy efficiency to save you money on your monthly bills, which is beneficial for any homeowner.


Naturally, you will want to pick the right air conditioner for your budget as well. The cost of your AC will depend on both the unit itself and the cost of installation. Remember, a cheaper unit may not save you money if it is not energy efficient, or has a short lifespan. There are plenty of dependable air conditioners that will live 15-20 years that can save you thousands.

When it comes to the cost of installation, you need to find a company you can trust to get the work done. In the Salt Lake City area, Connect Heating and Air is here for you. Just give us a call and we will schedule an inspection of your AC unit to determine which repairs or replacements are a good fit. Now is the time to get this done before the weather heats up and you’re faced with a cooling crisis. We can walk you through a variety of different options based on cost, size, and energy efficiency to find a system that works for your Sandy, Utah home.

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