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With the limitless options of home décor, lighting is something that shouldn’t be forgotten. Perfect for a focal point of the room or even setting the mood, lighting impacts the overall design of your home. So what are the latest lighting trends? Find out our top 5 lighting trends below and see what’s best for your home décor.


Sharp lines and clean edges are popular with residents looking to update the look of their home. Geometric lighting is often found in modern interiors, however they’re beginning to cross over to traditional styles. One of the best things about geometric lighting is that it can be mixed and matched, giving you a clean aesthetic.


This trend is gives an elegant look to your entryways and dining rooms. Glamour lighting includes chandeliers adorned with crystals, beads and bobeches. Lately these lovely pieces are making their way out of the common areas and into kitchens and bathrooms.


LED is one of those trends that just make sense. This trend has transformed into a viable lighting solution that provides you with energy savings and a pleasing light output. Because it’s so mainstream, a wider range of styles have been coming into fruition.

LED fixtures are not built to cater to the broad spectrum of design tastes. Residential architects have had an upswing of demand for LED lighting, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. One other hit for residential lightening is outdoor LED lighting including patios, porches and garden areas with additional lighting.


From brass sinks to copper lighting, warm metals are a huge hit in residential homes. Shades and tones of bronze and copper have grown in popularity, giving a antique, yet modern style to your home.


Industrial flairs are a big hit in residential areas, partially because of their masculine style. The key features include mixed metals, strap details and textured glass. The warehouse, vintage electric feel to this lighting trend evokes the spirit of age-old craftsmanship.

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