Furnace Repair Services in Utah

Keeping your home warm from Autumn through early Spring is a tough job for your furnace. Especially during cold winter months, keeping your furnace working reliably is a task best left to a local, trustworthy heating contractor like Connect Heating & Air. If your furnace gives out on a snowy December day – even after careful annual inspection and servicing – our expert technicians are just a phone call away.

Self Help

Your home’s furnace needs some love to keep it running smoothly. You can help your furnace do its job (and avoid repair calls) with a few simple maintenance tasks yourself:

  • Regularly change disposable filters or clean permanent filters at least monthly during the heating season. If you have shedding pets or family members with respiratory issues, replace the filters more frequently.
  • Keep the furnace room clean. To prevent dust from interrupting electrical contacts, regularly sweep or vacuum.
  • Change batteries in your thermostat. Do this when you replace batteries in your smoke detectors (going off and on daylight savings time).
Home Furnace Repair at Connect Heating and Air
Photo credit: MNStudio/Shutterstock

Professional Commitment

Connect Heating & Air has committed to be available 24/7 year-round for heating and cooling services.

We have crews who continuously train to receive the very latest information about heating systems, so when you call for furnace repair, we have fully equipped trucks driven by knowledgeable technicians. When you call, no matter the hour, we can dispatch a professional HVAC representative to assess, inspect and repair your furnace.

Repair, Not Replace

Many parts of furnaces can be repaired without being replaced. A genuine HVAC contractor dedicated to customer service excellence, like Connect Heating & Air, will save you money by working with you to see if repair of a part is possible. Utah’s climate is unforgiving, so furnace equipment does have to work extra-hard to keep the cold away. Parts will wear out eventually, so when replacement is needed, our technicians will know the right part to change and how to replace it promptly.

Warm Thoughts

When you and your family feel the cold creep in from a malfunctioning furnace, give Connect Heating & Air a call. Our friendly, helpful technicians can make the furnace repair you need, stop everyone’s teeth from chattering and get you thinking warm thoughts again.