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When your sewer starts to back up,
there are a couple of things you can do to
determine the cause of the sewer back up.

Outside Sewer Problems

– If you haven’t been running your water, like a shower or bath, or even washing dishes, then the problem is more than likely coming from outside your home. If this happens, you should contact your city public utilities department. It is more than likely an outside sewer line that is backing up.

Inside Sewer Problems

– However, if you have been running your water just before noticing the sewer backup, it is likely the problem is coming from within your home. To avoid a real mess, it is best to call Connect Building Services. They have plumbers that can come out immediately and locate the problem and take care of it.

Preventing Sewer Problems

– Sewer problem prevention is the best approach to avoiding a sewer backup in the first place. Here are some easy tips:

  • Cooking Oils – Dispose of cooking oil into a heat-resistant container, let it cool down complete, then put it in your garbage and never down your drain. Thinking that you can washing it down your drain with hot water is not a good idea. As the grease cools down it will solidify and eventually clog up your sewer line, or the main sewer lines in the street.
  • Paper Products – Paper products like paper towels, disposable diapers and feminine products will cause a real problem with clogs. They do not degrade like toilet paper. These types of products should be disposed of in a garbage container.
  • Tree Roots – Tree roots can grow into the seams of your sewer line joints. Take care in planting trees. Do not plant them near where your sewer line is.
  • Sewer Odors – Sewer smells usually come from a sewer line drain, where the P-trap of the drain has dried up. Periodically pour water into the drains that aren’t used as much, thus keeping a water seal from the odor of the sewer.
  • Hazardous Material – Never pour any type of hazardous materials down your drains. This includes paints, oil, gasoline or other chemicals. It is considered illegal and you could be charged with some hefty fines if caught.

Dealing with sewer problems can be difficult to deal with. Before you get into a real mess, it is much easier and safer to call Connect Building Services to assist. They have certified plumbers always on call, serving in the Greater Salt Lake Areas.

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