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The electrical wiring is somewhat like the brain of a home. The electrical system keeps food cold in the refrigerator, powers things like TVs and computers, and provides light for the entire house. It’s a big job to support all of these features, so it’s important to know when to call an electrician. Your electrical system is too important to take a chance on, so call a professional as soon as you notice any of the warning signs.


If your lights get dim or flicker when other appliances turn on, it’s a sign of electrical problems. It could mean that some of your large appliances are sharing power when they should have their own circuits. Even smaller appliances can create this problem if too many draw power from the same circuit. Reconfigure your setup or add additional lines to solve either of these problems.


Fuses shouldn’t be blowing out very often in your home. If this has become a regular occurrence, there is a deeper problem. The issue could be dangerous if the electric currents are unstable, so look into professional services as soon as possible.


Plugging too many things into one outlet isn’t just inconvenient, it’s also dangerous. If you have power strips all over your house to maximize your outlet space, call an electrician. A professional can install as many outlets as you need to reduce the need for power strips. This also saves you from having to run wires all the way across your rooms.


If your home was built more than a couple decades ago, the wiring should have been updated by now. Some old homes aren’t completely grounded or even have knob and tube wiring to this day. Not only does this create a safety hazard, it can make your home insurance prices unnecessarily high.


Look out for rust or any other signs of moisture around your electrical panel. Problems in this area are a serious cause for concern because they put your entire system at risk. It’s similarly important to keep an eye on the appliances in wet rooms like the kitchen or bathroom to make sure you’re completely up to code.

Connect Heating, Air, Plumbing, Electrical & Refrigeration provides a full range of residential services in Sandy, Draper, and Salt Lake City. We’re not only known for our work with custom heating and air systems, but we also specialize in electrical system repair and replacement. We can work with old or new systems, and even have experience with generators. Contact us today to restore your electrical system.

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