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Connect Heating, Air, Plumbing, Electrical & Refrigeration has skilled and licensed electricians in your area, for any electrical service you need, whether it be new installations, upgrades or repairs. Contact us today to schedule service. 

Quality Residential Electrical Services

Keeping your home safe and filled with modern luxuries comes from electrical that has been done by a professional. Connect Building Services offers electrical services because we know that it helps homeowners, businesses, and renters live better lives. Electrical work with our team will give you peace of mind when it comes to using appliances or lighting fixtures and overall comfort inside your home. 

For homes in Utah, our team can help improve your current electrical system or replace it. Upgrading your electrical makes the space safer and lowers the risk of electrical fires. Whether you need new electrical panels, EV chargers, rewiring, or a new light in an area, our technicians can help ensure it is done right. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades And Installation

All homes need an electrical service and panel to help control how much electricity they are using, and to give homeowners safer access to breakers and electrical wiring. Older homes may need to upgrade their electrical panel to comply with building codes and ensure that your home is safe. 

Upgrading your electrical service and panel can include replacing the electrical box, or moving it to a new location. Working with a professional electrician will give you a comprehensive electrical panel that powers your home effectively. Connect Building Services helps stop your breakers from tripping, or blowing fuses while doing normal tasks around your home.

electrical service and repair

EV Chargers

More and more electric cars are coming to the market. Having a EV charger in your home is essential when you own an electric vehicle. Installing an EV Charger will help you have peace of mind about traveling or running errands. If you electrical system isn’t working and your EV charger doesn’t power your car, you could find yourself stranded. 

Some Utah power companies also offer rebates or incentives for have proper EV stations in your home. Depending on if you have a single port or multi-port charger, you could earn up to 75% of the charger and installation costs. 

Our team with Connect Building Services can help install chargers or other electrical devices in a timely manner. Professional installation will give you a better system and less repairs down the road.

Dealing With Emergency Electrical Situations

Having an electrical company work on your home can help you avoid electrical emergencies. Worrying about electrical shortages, or electrical fires is not something you want to worry about while relaxing in your home. Our team helps service your home quickly when you have any electrical problems. 

Connect Building Services technicians are trained to assess and repair electrical systems in an efficient and timely manner. We check all aspects of your electrical system including breakers, grounding, appliance amperage, and wiring to ensure that all problems are remedied before we leave your home. 

Safety Inspections To Protect All Inside Your Home

Protecting pets, children, personal items, and all family members start with a safe electrical system. Ignoring signs of faulty wiring can lead to major damage or injury in your home. Wear and tear and lose wiring can go unnoticed for too long and build into bigger issues. A safety assessment can literally be a lifesaver for family members and personal belongings. 

Having a safety assessment for your home electrical will also help you have lower energy bills and a cleaner home environment. Using less energy while running appliances and limiting electrical trips will save you monthly costs. Having an up-to-code electrical system will also help you lower your carbon footprint as well. Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions will help make the environment better for everyone.

Working With Connect Building Services For Full Home Improvements

Our Salt Lake City company provides quality electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and commercial services. We help to provide services combined with professional communication and building client relationships. Connect Building Services helps to install new HVAC systems, and AC units, improve your wiring, and help protect your entire home. We stand behind our work and if you are not satisfied with your service, we will do all we can to make it right. 

Leaving your home better than we found it is very important to us. Our services are made to improve your home in all aspects, so leaving a mess in your home is not part of our mission. Working with us brings peace of mind and safety to residential and commercial spaces.

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