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We agree to accept both personal and company responsibility for your 100% complete satisfaction with the operation of the equipment provided by us and paid for by you. During the first year, if you are dissatisfied with the operation of the equipment we have installed, we will promptly correct the problem. After we have corrected the problem, if the equipment is still not operating properly according to the manufacturer’s standards, and the manufacturer’s representative has verified its failure and no other alternative is available, upon your written request we will remove the system and refund 110% of the money paid for the system. The guarantee only applies to complete systems (such as a furnace, evaporator coil, and condenser) installed on the same date, along with any recommended duct system upgrades, and does not apply to any partial system installation.


Our installation technicians are the best in skill, attitude, workmanship, and have undergone extensive pre-employment criminal background checks and participate in random drug testing. They’ll care for your home and complete the job with speed and precision. They wear booties (floor savers), clean up when they are finished, and take personal responsibility for your complete satisfaction. They will not smoke or swear in your home or anywhere on your property. They are polite and courteous. If when they have finished in your home, they have not performed in accordance with these high standards, we’ll extend your current Club Membership to include an additional visit at no charge. (All we ask is that your notify our office of your dissatisfaction the same day that the installation was completed.)


One of homeowners’ greatest fears is that a contractor who works in their home will make a mess or destroy it. We, at Connect Building Services, want to ease your fears by providing the highest quality in service and installation. We guarantee that we will leave your home BETTER than we found it or we will pay Merry Maids Home Cleaning Service to come to your home and clean it in its entirety. We are that confident. (All we ask is that your notify out office of your dissatisfaction the same day that the installation was completed in your home).


We are a service company, not a sales company. We prioritize our service; we provide service to our “Club Membership” customers first. “Yes!” you heard that correctly. Our Club Membership customers always get “front of the line” privileges. It means that when you need us, you’ve got us. As a “Club Membership” customer, we feel that you deserve to have us come to your home and make any repairs necessary before we do any other work. You mean that much to us.


We, at Connect Building Services, are available to service your air conditioner and furnace 365 days a year, day and night. We don’t take a vacation. Since we are a service company, we have a staff of highly trained service professionals on call 24-hours a day. What that means to you is that we will come to your home and make any necessary repairs 24 hours a day. Even if it’s Christmas, “we are there for you.”


Connect Building Services will honor a lifetime guarantee for any leaks that may occur in your duct system that we have installed. We are so confident in making this guarantee to you because of the quality of not only the products, but also the quality of the installation professionals that we employ. (This guarantee applies to complete “accessible” duct systems our company has installed in your home with the same completion date. This does not cover damage by rodents or the carelessness of others (i.e. cable guys, pest control, sound guys, etc.).


We guarantee that when the equipment we have installed is maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance manuals, the system will perform as we have stated and agreed upon. We have promised a temperature variance of no more than plus or minus three degrees at your electronic digital thermostat, whether heating or cooling your home. If the desired temperature selection is not achieved, we will make any upgrades, modifications, or repairs necessary to reach the desired temperature at no charge to you for a period of five years, as long as you invest in and keep your Club Membership Agreement continuous.


We recognize that not every manufactured piece of heating and cooling equipment is 100% perfect, 100% of the time. Since our customers should expect to receive 100% of the heating and cooling value they’ve invested in, we offer a “No Lemon” guarantee. Simply stated, if you invest in and keep your Club Membership Agreement continuous, if the compressor in your air conditioner fails twice in the first five years, we will install a complete and new outside unit. If the heat exchanger in your furnace fails in the first ten years, we will install a new furnace. If you have ever bought a “lemon” before, you’ll truly appreciate our commitment to your long-term satisfaction.


Unlike most companies, we are a service company. We have a staff of qualified service technicians that are there to serve you in the unlikely event that your system has a problem. Our guarantee to you is that when we arrive, we will have your system up and running within 24 hours of our arrival or we will put you up in a local hotel for the night.


Anyone can make something cheaper by cutting corners and pricing it for less. So, it’s important to know what is, and is not, included in any heating or cooling system that you choose for your home. Connect Building Services promises that you cannot find a licensed contractor whose employees have undergone extensive pre-hire criminal background checks and participate in random drug testing to provide you a comparable installation, with the same written guarantees, for less. If you can, we will refund the difference plus give you an additional $250 for your trouble. All we ask is that the comparison is a published “apples to apples” comparison listing all the company’s written guarantees with proof that they are a drug-free company with an ongoing random drug testing policy. (Your request must be in writing within 14 days of the signing of the contract or installation date, whichever is the earliest. With your request you must include the original published comparison of the competitor showing the “apples to apples” comparison.)

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