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With temperatures starting to cool down, now is the time to start thinking about getting your home energy efficient for winter. It is best to do some simple and inexpensive things now, rather than in the middle of winter when it will be a lot less convenient to perform some energy-saving procedures.

First, check around windows and doors for cracks or gaps that can allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter. Purchase a caulking gun and some caulking material and caulk around window and door frames to seal off those cracks and gaps.

Check light switches and plug plates for air leaks. They also can allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter. There are a number of spray foam products that can seal around these light and plug boxes. To do so, you’ll need to remove the face plates, then spray the can nozzle around the boxes.

Check your furnace air ducts for leaks. Any air leaking from the joints is reducing the amount of air that will efficiently heat the rooms of your home. Obtain special duct tape from your hardware store, to tape off the leaks.

Get your furnace serviced by Connect Building Services. You should have this done once each year. They will run a full point inspection of your furnace system, insuring that it will run full energy efficiency during the cold winter months.

Invest in a thermostat that allows you to program the times when you are away from home during work hours or during sleeping hours. Proper use of heating schedules can save as much as 50% in heating costs.

Lighting a home can be costly. As your old incandescence light bulbs burn out, replace them with energy star ones. It will save you up to 20% in energy costs.

Always rely on Connect Building Services to help you with all your home service needs. They can take care of plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical. Four services in one.

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