10 Tips for Decorating Your New Home

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May 14, 2015
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Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. Whether it’s a rental or your buying for the first time, getting everything organized in your space takes time. After you start settling in, it becomes time to think about decorating your home. However, as a renter, it can be a bit tricky. Creating a space that is your own is important, but so is ensuring you’ll get you security deposit back. So, to help ease the pains of moving, we’ve found some easy, affordable décor ideas to use that won’t upset your landlord or damage your newly purchased walls.

Decorating Your New Home In Utah

1 – Removable Wallpaper

Painting the wall can get messy. With removable wallpaper, you can keep your home splatter free and you’re able to change up the way your wall looks whenever you please.

2 – Add Inside Houseplants

Adding plants can brighten up any room and a colorful vase can help accent your other furniture. Not only does it liven up any area, it can also make the air in your home fresher.

3 – Wallpaper Your Bookshelves

Bookshelves serve their purpose, but they’re not always eye catching. Wallpapering the back of your shelves on your bookcase can bring a subtle style you can admire for years to come.

4 – Decorative Frames

Painting different size frames bright colors and hanging them up is great décor for the living room. If you’re worried about cost, you can go to any thrift store to buy cheap frames, just take out the pictures. You don’t need to add anything in the frame to make art.

5 – Paint Your Old Furniture

Using your old furniture will save you a lot of money. If you’re worried that it looks out of style, you can repurpose it and paint it to accent the décor in your space.

6- Open Rooms with Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your room can open space dramatically. They make the room seem much larger and brighter. Not only do they add space, but they also can be very decorative!

7 – Make Storage Fun

Keeping your home tidy without looking cluttered isn’t something everyone thinks about. By adding a colors and shelves to your storage, you’ll have an inviting room without getting rid of all your valuables.

8 – Chalkboard Frames

Chalkboard frames are fun for menus, memos and more. You can buy one at any craft store or you can make one. Just grab an extra frame and paint it how you desire, then buy chalk paint and paint over the frame! Simple and creative, this is perfect for your homely kitchen.

9 – Bottle Vases

Not everything in your home needs to be expensive, which is why we love the bottle vases. Every day mason jars or jars from the thrift store can look stunning with some color added to them. Just stick a flower in them and you’re ready to show your masterpiece off!

10 – Hang Your Hats Up

With just a few thumbtacks, you can completely change the look of your wall. Not only are you making a stylish design, but also when you hang your hats on the thumbtacks, you’re emptying your closet!

At Connect Building Services, we want to help you be prepared for your new home. Whether it’s with plumbing, electrical or working on your HVAC, we are at your service. Keeping your home up-to-date can improve the longevity of your life there and will keep your family happy.

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