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Given the season we’re still in, most people aren’t thinking much about air conditioner
repairs or replacements this time of year.
It’s still cold outside,
and your primary concerns regarding heating and air involve keeping you and your family warm.
At Connect Heating & Air, we’re here to tell you that while everyone is looking in the other direction,
now could be a great time to have your commercial air conditioning replaced.
There are several potential benefits to managing
these concerns early, before the air gets hot and everyone is
demanding the same services. Let’s look at a few.


Waiting until the warm months hit to “try things out” before looking into replacements may seem prudent at the time, but in reality it can lead you down an expensive and time-consuming path. What happens if the system works well for a few weeks or even a month or two, but then dies in the middle of July with 100 degree temperatures bearing down on you?

Instead of a few days without AC near the start of the spring, when you can easily manage, you may have to go without during extreme heat. You’re stuck paying for expensive emergency services. On the flip side, if you tested and corrected these issues earlier in the year, you won’t deal with any of this.


In many situations, installing a replacement AC unit is far easier in the cooler months than at the beginning of spring or summer. Especially if the unit is going in the attic or another cramped area, the temperatures of summer can be tough to work in. For this reason, many vendors in this field will offer discounted deals for AC repairs or replacements during these months.


As you may have guessed, this can lead to serious cost benefits for you. Rates are lower due to ease of installation, and many manufacturers offer discounts or rebates on their products at this time of year. You avoid any costly emergency maintenance costs, which otherwise may have presented themselves at very inconvenient times.

Want to know more about AC repair or installation, or any of our other electrician services? Speak to the experts at Connect Heating & Air today.

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